Pragmatic Review of Yoga and Salaah Health Benefits with Connotation to COVID-19 Pandemic


  • Syeda Ayeman Mazhar P.G. Scholar, Dept. of Tahaffuzi wa Samaji Tib (PSM) Faculty of Unani Medicine, Aligarh Muslim University, India.
  • Rubi Anjum Professor and Chairperson, Dept. of Tahaffuzi wa Samaji Tib (PSM) Faculty of Unani Medicine, Aligarh Muslim University, India.
  • Ammar Ibne Anwar Assistant Professors, Dept. of Tahaffuzi wa Samaji Tib (PSM) Faculty of Unani Medicine, Aligarh Muslim University, India.
  • Abdul Aziz Khan Assistant Professors, Dept. of Tahaffuzi wa Samaji Tib (PSM) Faculty of Unani Medicine, Aligarh Muslim University, India.


The word “Yoga” is rooted in the Sanskrit term ‘Yuj’ which means “to combine”, “to yoke” or “to unite.” Yoga is a spiritual discipline having a very subtle transcendental science as its background which can develop a sense of harmony between mind and body. This art and science helps to promote health, wellbeing and thus can increase life span. This practice targets at vanquishing all afflictions and create freedom in body and mind creating holistic health, happiness and harmony.

In this paper an emphasis is being given to explore many postures and techniques of Yoga and Salaah as parallel approach towards attainment of holistic health. Extensive literature and evidence based scientific studies are commendable to prove that yoga postures and techniques are often considered for overall well-being. ‘Salaah’ consists of not only prayer recitation and meditation, but also of body movements and position. This is an effort to seek out the similarities between Salaah positions and yoga asanas for varied health benefits.

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Mazhar SA, Anjum R, Anwar AI, Khan AA. Pragmatic Review of Yoga and Salah Health Benefits with Connotation to COVID-19 Pandemic. J Integ Comm Health 2020; 9(2): 36-40.


COVID-19 Puts Spotlight on Benefits of Ancient Practice of Yoga


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