About the Journal

International Journal of Advanced Research in Pharmacy and Education (IJoARPE) is devoted to promotion of educational research excellence.

It allows academicians, students, researchers and practitioners in professionals communicate new and established teaching methods in pharmacy. The journal also recognizes the importance of ethical issues and recent trends in the context of education which are also bringing changes in the professional pharmacy world.

The journal focuses on creating a platform for the authors, academicians and the research community and publishes original research, review, short articles and case studies, industrial research, editorials and book review.

Focus & Scope:

Its scope includes pharmaceutical research, teaching and learning, laboratory innovations, good pharmacy practices, quality control and assurance, pharmaceutical care, pharmaceutical services, pharmacoeconomic analysis, dispensing pharmacy, community pharmacy, clinical pharmacy, pharmacovigilance, hospital pharmacy, patient counselling, chronic patient need, medication records, prescription handling, pharmacy informatics, pharmacology and pharmacognosy, drug interactions, pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, training and other related issues.