Ayurvedic Management of Dusta Vrana WRT Trophic Ulcer - A Single Case Study


  • Vinay Kumar Assistant Professor, Department of Shalya Tantra, Tapovana Ayurvedic Medical College and Hospital, Doddabathi Davangere, Karnataka, India.


Trophic Ulcer, WRT, Triphala


An ulcer is a break in the continuity of the covering epithelium - skin or mucous membrane. Trophic ulcer is a type of neurogenic ulcer, this caused by repeated injury or pressure in an area which has lost sensation of pain and delays wound healing process by malnutrion, vascular insufficiency and neurological deficit. Sushrutha mentioned shasti upakrama as the line of treatment in vrana. Kalka and kashaya shodana and taila ropana are among them. Nimba kalka and triphala kashaya shodana and jatyadi taila ropana heals the vrana. Case report of A 46 yrs male diabetic patient presented with ulcer in central fore foot, painless and difficult to walk.


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