A Comprehensive Review on Pharmacovigilance and Drug Safety


  • Puneet Sachdeva Student
  • Rachna Kumar


Pharmacovigilance, Drug Safety, Adverse Drug Reactions, Signal Detection, Regulatory Framework, Patient-Centered Care, Big Data Analytics, Pharmaceutical Industry, Public Health, Risk Assessment.


Pharmacovigilance, the science of monitoring and evaluating drug safety, plays a critical role in ensuring the well-being of patients and maintaining public health. This comprehensive review delves into the fundamental aspects of pharmacovigilance, its evolving methodologies, and its significance in the pharmaceutical industry and healthcare systems. We explore the key components of pharmacovigilance, from data collection and analysis to signal detection and regulatory measures. Furthermore, we discuss the emerging trends and technologies that are reshaping pharmacovigilance practices and enhancing patient-centered care. This article underscores the importance of continuous surveillance and proactive management of drug safety, emphasizing the need for collaboration among all stakeholders to achieve a safer and more effective drug therapy landscape.

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