Telemedicine and Its Ethical Implications


  • Srikumar Vasudevan Convener, Standing Committee for Ethics, National IMA National Faculty, UNESCO Bioethics Secretary, UNESCO Bioethic Chair, Calicut Government Medical College, India.


Telemedicine, Ethics, Trust, Policies


Technology and science have been developing at a rapid pace and it has its influence on nearly all aspects of life. It is our responsibility to ensure that the rapid development in technology benefits mankind especially the health of the common man. Telemedicine utilises the advancement in the latest communication technology to promote the health care system. However implementing these responsibilities can raise ethical conflicts depending upon the socioeconomic and cultural disparities in society. We have to ensure that the basic ethical tenets are maintained lest it affects the doctor patient relationship. This relationship is a unique one as it facilitates an exchange of scientific knowledge and care within a framework of ethics and trust.

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