A Study during COVID-19 Pandemic among People for Attitude towards Face Mask, Social Distancing and Safe Practices in Pilkhuwa, UP, India


  • Ritika Kansal Assistant Professor, Department of Pathology Saraswathi Medical College, Pilkhuwa, Hapur, Uttar Pradesh, India.
  • Amit Joon Assistant Professor, Department of Community Medicine, G.S Medical College, Pilkhuwa, Hapur, Uttar Pradesh, India. https://orcid.org/0000-0003-1033-5333
  • Desh Pal Singh Associate Professor, Department of Surgery, Saraswathi Medical College, Pilkhuwa, Hapur, Uttar Pradesh, India.
  • S Kumar Chief Medical Superintendent & Professor Anesthesiology & Critical Care, G.S Medical College & Hospital, Pilkhuwa, Hapur, Uttar Pradesh, India.


COVID-19, Attitude, Safe Practices, Social Distancing, Facemask


Background: During present Covid-19 Pandemic period in spite of the vaccination available for covid-19 the importance of Non pharmacological interventions (NPls) methods is very significant in the control- prevention of covid-19 infection. Since the government issued phase wise nationwide unlock, drastic change in growth rate of the cases were observed.


Objectives: This study conducted to ascertains the practice attitude towards the use of face mask, social distancing and safe measures by people in public with their understanding of it may inform insight regarding the growth of COVID-19. Setting and design: This observational qualitative study was carried out at public places in Pilkhuwa, Hapur U.P India from 31st March 2020 to 1st April 2021 On 300 hundred people were observed Methods: Data has been collected from different public (crowd) areas such as shops, markets, Bank, local transport station and Public functions etc. after visits. Everyone in the public was observed. Collected data were segregated into the segment based on research question and analyzed using qualitative content analysis. People were not engaged in designing a study, research questions setting understanding or evaluating results, or research reporting. Ethical approval or consent was not required as the study was related to public health without the involvement of people. Results: People have a different attitude towards the use of face mask, social distancing, safe measure and different knowledge or understanding regarding COVID-19 and prevention. Conclusion: The confusion due to information pollution, new unfamiliar practices, serious disease means high mortality, attack on freedom and diversion of the real issue in understanding the ongoing health crisis led disobedient attitude towards the preventive measure.


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