Understanding the Effects of Environmental Factors on Crop Plant Cultivation and Physiology


  • Sweta Mehta


Crop Physiology, Environmental Factors, Sustainable Agriculture, Food Security, Climate Resilience, Resource Optimization


Crop production is critical for global food security, but its effectiveness is
heavily dependent on how environmental conditions interact with plant
physiology. This study looks at how temperature, water availability,
light, nutrient supply affect agricultural plant growth, development,
physiological responses. Understanding these relationships is critical
for implementing sustainable farming practises and increasing crop
output in the face of climate change.
Temperature plays a fundamental role in crop growth, affecting
processes like photosynthesis, respiration, transpiration. Water
availability significantly influences physiological processes, including
stomatal conductance and water-use efficiency, while light intensity
and quality impact photomorphogenesis and chlorophyll synthesis.
Nutrient supply affects nutrient uptake, assimilation, allocation, with
imbalances leading to metabolic disorders.
Integrating crop physiology research knowledge allows for the
application of precision agriculture and controlled environment
agriculture, maximising resource efficiency. The article also emphasises
the importance of crop diversification, biotechnology, crop management
practises in improving stress tolerance and resource efficiency.
The essay also discusses agricultural physiology’s socioeconomic
ramifications, taking into account market movements, food supply
chains, rural livelihoods. Furthermore, it investigates crop physiology’s
potential in solving new concerns such as sustainable bioenergy
production, post-harvest preservation, climate change mitigation.


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