Plant Productivity Enhancement: A Review of Promising Approaches and Future Prospects


  • Jagriti Tiwari


Plant Productivity, Sustainable Agriculture, Genetic Interventions, Physiological Manipulations, Agronomic Practices, Climate-Smart Agriculture, Microbiome Engineering, Future Perspectives


Plant production is critical to providing the world’s demand for food,
fibre, renewable resources. With an ever-increasing population and
the problems posed by climate change, there is an urgent need to
create sustainable crop yield-boosting technologies while minimising
environmental impacts. This review article investigates numerous
ways and technologies for increasing plant productivity, including
genetic, physiological, agronomic interventions. It also looks at potential
future directions for ensuring food security and sustainable agriculture
As the globe grapples with the challenges of the twenty-first century,
increasing plant productivity becomes a multifaceted task that
necessitates innovative solutions and adaptive techniques. While
tremendous progress has been achieved in understanding plant
biology and agronomic practises, there is still a need for additional
research and investment to address future concerns such as climateinduced
pressures, developing pests and diseases, changing consumer
Furthermore, encouraging smallholder farmers in emerging regions
to adopt productivity-enhancing technologies is critical to achieving
global food security. Bridging the gap between scientific research and
on-the-ground implementation is crucial to ensuring that new ideas
reach the farmers who need them the most.
Despite genetic engineering’s great promise, ethical problems and
societal perceptions must be addressed in order to achieve an inclusive
and sustainable future. Collaboration among scientists, policymakers,
society as a whole will aid in the formulation of evidence-based policies
that balance technological improvements with ethical considerations


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