A Review of Agriculture and Horticulture Advances


  • Karishma Dubey


Advancements, Agriculture, Horticulture, Precision Farming, Sustainable Practices, Climate-Smart Agriculture, Biotechnology, Robotics, Internet Of Things (Iot), Vertical Farming


Agriculture and horticulture are critical industries for global food
security and sustainability. This review article presents an overview of
current advances and breakthroughs in various domains, emphasising
their potential to address critical issues. Precision farming optimises
resource allocation and increases efficiency by utilising technology
and data-driven approaches. Biotechnology and genetic engineering
have produced genetically engineered crops with enhanced features,
increasing yield and resilience to environmental challenges. Organic
farming and sustainable agriculture advocate environmentally friendly
practises that prioritise soil health and biodiversity. Climate-smart
agriculture focuses on adapting to and minimising the effects of climate
change on crop output. Vertical farming and controlled environment
agriculture provide options for limited area urban food production.
Traditional farming methods have been changed by robotics, automation,
the Internet of Things, decreasing labour demands while improving
productivity. These improvements hold hope for a more resilient and
sustainable agricultural future as we face climate change and resource
restrictions. The assessment continues by emphasising the significance
of ongoing research and collaboration in order to overcome problems
and advance agriculture and horticulture.


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