Fuzzification of Intelligence Quotient (IQ) for the Determination of Individual Temperament (Mizaj-e-Shakhsi)



Introduction: Temperament assessment is the key point on which whole of the Unani therapeutics depends. The various methods mentioned in classical Unani manuscripts are observation based liable to mistakes. Therefore, there is a need of searching some scientific methods of temperament assessment not the mere subjective parameters and that can be employed universally. Keeping this aim in mind this work was done in the department of Tashreeh wa Munafeul Aza, AKTC, AMU.

Method: The author has submitted a thesis in which the IQ was established as a tool for assessment of individual temperament using Boolean logic. Then taking those data, fuzzy logic was applied and fuzzification of IQ levels was done. The results thus obtained were

Result: The assessment of individual temperament using Boolean Logic applied to IQ levels the individuals can be identified as Hot and Cold temperament persons. While applying fuzzy logic the subjects were identified as haar, baarid anf motadil temperament with specifications
of degrees of temperaments.

Conclusion: Fuzzification is the better method of assessment of individual temperament.

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Aijaz A. Fuzzification of Intelligence Quotient (IQ) for the Determination of Individual Temperament (Mizaj-e-Shakhsi). J Integ Comm Health. 2022; 11(1): 28-31.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.24321/2319.9113.202205


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