Association between Stroke and Diabetes Mellitus with Special Reference to Unani Medicine: A Review



Stroke, Diabetes, Falij, Ziabetus Shakri


Stroke is the second most frequent cause of death worldwide and the most frequent cause of permanent disability. Stroke by and large results of a more than one predisposing conditions that originated years before the disease. Estimation and assessment of risks factors in population is not only assistive for health care providers but also important to key out persons at elevated risk of stroke and to select proper treatments in clinical studies. Diabetes Mellitus (DM) is an important risk factor in cerebral vascular disease since it causes endothelial proliferation and thickening of the plasmatic membrane in the small blood vessels. Diabetes not only acts as etiological factor but also has a role in prognosis of disease; post stroke hyperglycaemia is often associated with poor prognosis of stroke. This review paper will address the known knowledge of association between Stoke and Diabetes Mellitus in conventional medicine and will try to establish hypothesis of association between Stoke (Falij) and Diabetes (Ziabetus Shakri) through Unani Medicine.

How to cite this article: Ali SJ, Ahmad T, Aslam M. Association between Stroke and Diabetes Mellitus with Special Reference to Unani Medicine: A Review. J Integ Comm Health 2019; 8(2): 10-13.


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